For the first term in final year, we were asked to create a project inspired by our future aspirations in the graphic design industry. I am interested in socially engaged design for change with branding and identity influences so this is what I took forward. Accounting for how different groups in society are affected by loneliness. I designed a way to reduce the impact loneliness has on both our physical and mental health. This project was the winner of a Creative Conscience award under the 'Impact' category in 2019.
Twofold brings people of all ages and backgrounds that are affected by loneliness together to share stories and meet new friends whilst completing paper-based activities and workshops. In order to tackle industry considerations, my charity brand needed minimal funding. Therefore, my outcomes were based upon low-cost advertising strategies such as leaflets and a social media platform. I also formulated a typical event activity pack, graphic illustrations and an accompanying website. To link all of these products together, I organised a prototype event and captured footage along with animations to create a fundraising campaign-style video.
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