This project enabled me to create a visual identity that forms part of the brand experience for a contemporary cultural festival. I decided to re-brand the biggest international craft beer festival in the Baltic region, 'Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend'. Choosing this festival allowed me to explore not only branding but also my passion for travel and tourism. After being in contact with organisers of the festival, I kept their original 'TCBW' logotype but established a new visual style. 
When looking at the Business Model Canvas, I had to consider accessibility, usability, communication and the relationship of the consumer and the brand. Having my products across multi-media channels; digital and printed publications, I could focus on awareness and specific delivery to my audience. For instance, I designed a set of promotional beer coasters with a student discount to be distributed at student union bars or events to specifically market the target audience. Moreover, a theme that I wanted to explore was being environmentally friendly and cost effective. I used the risograph printer which uses less ink for bulk prints to make a Tallinn city guide with ideal attractions to see. Furthermore, I introduced mobile tickets and an app using QR coding to vote for the best beers and reduce paper waste. Finally, I attempted to make my own bioplastic bottle for merchandise. To link all of my outcomes together, I situated them in the format of a brand guideline pitch to be presented towards potential clients and stakeholders.
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